Leader in Data Loss and Theft Prevention
The innovative Boole Server software
ranks #1 in company data loss prevention

Thanks to an advanced data-centric system, Boole Server prevents the loss of company data by protecting any type of digital information, both inside and outside the company

No longer thefts
of company files
Boole Server protects you from thefts of company files.

Did you know that 90% of companies have to cope with thefts of files? Thanks to the Boole Server encryption software, company information are always secured.

Customized solutions Streamline your investments by protecting your company’s confidential documents through one single software.

Thanks to the Boole Server software, you can secure your data and keep them under constant control, through one single solution.

Simple and versatile Boole Server is easy to configure and use: absolute protection ready to use.

Our data-centric protection software is addressed to all types of users: companies, employees, suppliers, consultants with different operational needs.

Compatible with all devices Boole Server is compatible with all devices, even the latest generation ones.

Files protected with the Boole Server data-centric protection software can be accessed by all devices, wherever you are.

Highest protection of company in one single solution

Store, share and manage any file in absolute security thanks to Boole Server.

Boole Server is the data loss prevention software which protects the confidentiality of your information. 
Boole Server is a complete protection system which prevents the improper use of confidential files by unauthorized cooperators, suppliers, and users. Nowadays it is easier than ever to lose control of confidential documents which, without protection, can be printed, copied or forwarded to competitors or press agencies. Do not forget that employees can keep and use the documents they own even when they do no longer work with their former employees. Thanks to Boole Server, all documents and data will always be protected and under control

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Awarded Worldwide

Proud to be one of the best IT security software solutions, even at an international level.

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Boole Server App
Boole Server follows you wherever you go

Accessing Boole Server protected data is now possible even through the free apps for iOS and Android

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This September, Boole Server will be at SPTechCon: The SharePoint Technology Conference...

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Also this year, Boole Server will attend Matching, the important event Compagnia delle Opere...
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