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The leading experts
in military-grade security
software solutions

Winner of Gartner Award
and SC Awards Europe 
Software vendor structured
on strategic technological partnerships
such as Amazon, Google,
Microsoft and Titus
Boole Server
Innovative product

The truly secure cloud file sharing
on the market

Customizable solutions

Purpose-built plug-ins made to enhance
the level of security of the most widely used programs

Impressive references

World renowned companies
and brands have chosen Boole Server

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BooleBox A truly secure solution
to store and share your data.
Guaranteed military-grade encryption 256-bit military AES geared for
top secret file security

Multiple Personal Keys Created by and known only to you
for unparalleled security

Secure sharing systems Device synchronization
and e-mail encryption
Plug-in Apply BooleBox protection to
all elements of your business.
Outlook encryptor Send encrypted e-mails directly
from Outlook >>
SharePoint Encryptor Make your SharePoint
archive secure >>
Gmail Encryptor Use Gmail for your
encrypted messages >>
File Encryptor Protect sensitive data stored in
your local sharing folder >>
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