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About us

Boole Server is your partner for protecting and improving your business. By choosing Boole Server you ensure your company
is supported by the leading experts in military-grade security software solutions, winners of the Gartner and SC Awards Europe prizes.
Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Titus support technologically our solutions, making them the best in class.

Ten years of experience in Europe, with offices in Italy, in Germany and in the United States.

Boole Server was founded by Massimiliano Maggi and Valerio Pastore, who is well known in the IT world for his years of experience in military security. He has guided the development of an array of innovative security solutions, including ValpasBox, xbinary, The Guardian, CommHCat, and VHarmor. The company mission is to design and develop increasingly effective and innovative software ensuring total protection of company data.

This vision has given birth to BooleBox the most secure way to store and share files.

Boole Server mission is to design and develop effective and innovative software solutions to guarantee maximum security of sensitive and confidential data, ensuring ease of access and immediate files availability to authorized users.
About us


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