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maximum protection
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The jewel in Boole Server portfolio is BooleBox: a storage and sharing solution that protects data
from external intrusion and internal theft through guaranteed military-grade encryption.

BooleBox Your truly secure data storage and sharing solution

BooleBox is available to your company both In Cloud and On-Premises.
BooleBox is also available in a hybrid version if you want the best of both worlds.
The choice is yours.

Guaranteed military-grade encryption 256-bit military AES geared for protecting top secret files
Multiple Personal Keys Keys created by and known only to you for unrivaled security
Secure file
Device synchronization and e-mail encryption

And much more. BooleBox offers controlled file classification to make sure everyone observes sharing policies. Its maxi protection system includes Anti-Capture, watermarks, time-limited access, and activity logs.
It integrates with Office 365 for direct in-cloud management, organization, and collaboration.

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Outlook Encryptor

The only plug-in that allows you to use Microsoft Outlook securely, without leaving your favorite e-mail program. Thanks to its advanced encryption system, e-mails sent via Outlook Encryptor can no longer be intercepted or read by unauthorized users.

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Gmail Encryptor

An innovative, free product for secure use of Google web mail, without altering your e-mail habits. By installing Gmail Encryptor on your Google web mail, you can send encrypted e-mails with a simple click and no unauthorized users can read them.

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SharePoint Encryptor

Integrate Microsoft SharePoint with SharePoint Encryptor: the only connector that makes it possible to encrypt sensitive data and track all operations that users can perform in your libraries. With SharePoint Encryptor you can also view, edit, and share encrypted files without downloading them locally.

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File Encryptor

Network storage, mobile devices, and local disks can finally be protected without making any changes to your daily operating procedures. The secret is File Encryptor: a plug-in that leverages BooleBox technology to encrypt internally stored and shared resources to military standards.

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